'Why being real is more important than being right.'

I have just come back from Hay’s in Kansas where i was speaking about the importance of living a business’s core values to over 300 people at last weeks Tech-Edge event in Salina. Today i was just getting over my jetlag, when this afternoon I had some great news that an article that I had written a few months ago for Channel Executive Magazine, had been published.

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I was recently Interviewed on ‘How ATG-IT defined it company values and continues to live by them’

Core values for ATG-IT are the guiding beliefs of its employees and organisation. Once you have defined your company’s core values, you can refer to them to guide every decision your company makes on a day to day basis. This makes you check that the decision you are about to make is in line with your company’s core values.

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Unleash others'​ potential.

Brian said at the end of our catch up “give up carpentry and go and be a salesman”. At this time I was well past my shy, young apprentice days and I remember swearing at him, something like “what the **** do you know”. After all, I didn’t have any friends that were salesmen, and if I am honest, I didn’t even know what a salesman was, so why would I want to be one? I thought he was telling me after four years, I was so rubbish at being a carpenter, that I needed to find another career.

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Confessions of a business owner : How vulnerability helped me and my business

Ok, so I have suffered with low self-esteem for most of my adult life, even though I was running a successful company. I have always thought I wasn’t good enough, that I was blagging it, that I was going to get found out that one day, that I hadn’t got a clue what I was doing. I used to say that it wasn’t my skill that got me to where I am, I was just lucky. I was always putting myself down for one reason or another. I remember I used to cringe at any praise given as I felt like I didn't deserve it.

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“That was great for you, but what about me?"

“That was great for you, but what about me? How do I get started on my journey back to enjoying work, having spare time and most importantly, having someone other than me do something? You talk about getting out of the way and letting your employees do the work they were employed to do, but I don’t have a clue where to start and I’m becoming increasingly frustrated with my lack of progress”.

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How I changed series part 6: Now you found your values you have to live them...

The next step I had to take was an introspective one. As a boss I had to look at myself and make sure I was living the company values. I had to lead by example.

The boss has got to live the values you come up with, which I know can be hard – in the past, it would have been impossible for me. Understand that these aren’t the boss’s Values, they are the companies Values. They are not aspirations they are the values that you are going to 100% live by, as everyone does.

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How I changed series part 5: Examples of your Values in action...

When it comes to someone who wants the best for themselves, the best example I have is of a girl who came into my business as the admin assistant. When we did the door-drawing exercise she was the only one who didn’t add a door handle, or ,in fact, anything else. She waited till I was going through the exercise and then said, “I haven’t drawn anything else as I was going to ask you what you wanted the door to look like.’

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Continuum Navigate 2018 - Why should you go to industry events

It can seem on the face of it that industry events are expensive to go to, especially if you have to fly to get there, add the hotel costs and the event themselves are normally chargeable, it can all add up. Sometimes the costs can run into the thousands, particularly if you take other members of your team with you. The key to an industry event is finding the greater value for your company.

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CompTIA Event

Last week The Crisp Guy, Mark Matthews presented at CompTIA's Regional Meeting (Birmingham) on 'How to define values within the organisation', sharing his views on the importance of company values and how ATG identified their own. In this presentation, Mark gave insight into why your business values need to represent the existing team and NOT be based on what the CEO deems as important.

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