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Having a keen interest in the Marketing of ATG, I recently went along with our in-house marketing person, Jahmel, to the Content Marketing Academy’s yearly event in Edinburgh. I always thought that Scotland suffered from poor weather more than the rest of the UK but in the last month I have visited Scotland 4 times and the weather has been nothing short of amazing! Anyway, the event consisted of 2 days’ learning from 16 international speakers that are right at the top of their game in the Marketing world. We saw speakers talk on such diverse subjects as, ‘how to actually write a blog post that someone will want to read’ to ‘how to setup and run a Membership website’. What I wanted to do in this article is let you know what some of the golden nuggets were that I took away from these 2 days. Virtually all the speakers discussed in some way or form, the importance of defining your company values and how, once defined, these values should be used as the basis for all marketing you produce from your website to blogs, articles, brochures and. People only buy from people they like and as such people will only deal with companies that are seen to have similar values to their own and live said values. Those that don’t have similar values won’t get a look in.

The next nugget I took away was to make the user experience is as simple as it can be. Look at all your interactions with your customer. Are they more complicated than they need to be? If some of them are not as straight forward as you first thought, look to reduce or improve the steps needed to do business with you and then make sure that these steps are communicated to and followed by everybody in the company. Think of Amazon ‘1 click to buy’. How easy is that? Use this as an example and have a look at your sales process, how returns are handled, how support calls are answered etc. When you have an order, are the customers kept informed at all stages? If you can improve these interactions then do so as this is what the customer will remember from dealing with your company. They’ll come back time and time again if dealing with you is as simple as it can be.

Lastly, one of my biggest take-aways was a statement from international author Chris Brogan: “No one needs your content, until they do”. Which means that just because you write the best piece of content marketing ever, this on its own doesn’t mean that you will get any new customers because of it. The customer will only buy from you when they want something so we shouldn’t be writing more and more content. We should be writing the RIGHT content. We should be writing to connect and to serve our current and future customers with what they are wanting/needing to hear, not what you are wanting to say about your product or service. The customer is only concerned with their problem and how your product can help them solve their issues, they don’t care about features and benefits… ever. They care about their frustrations, not yours, so before you post that next blog article ask yourself, have I written this from a customer perspective or mine? if it’s yours, don’t post it as it will just be more noise in an already overcrowded noisy web. Rewrite it from a customer’s perspective.

The CMA live event is held is Edinburgh each year for 2 days. This year Myself, Jon Towers, Phylip Morgan and Steven Pretlove went to the event. It would be good to see others their next year. To find out more see

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