How I changed series part 5: Examples of your Values in action...

Here, you’ll find some more examples of ATG’s values in action in the workplace, and what that means for the employees.


When it comes to someone who wants the best for themselves, the best example I have is of a girl who came into my business as the admin assistant. When we did the door-drawing exercise she was the only one who didn’t add a door handle, or ,in fact, anything else. She waited till I was going through the exercise and then said, “I haven’t drawn anything else as I was going to ask you what you wanted the door to look like.’

Today she’s an office manager. She also went off, on her own accord, to complete the Prince2 project management courses, which costs around £2,000. She got a loan in order to pay for it, all not known to us, because she saw that we were doing more large-scale projects that required management.

As well as increasing her salary she’s trebled her responsibility and she’s thriving. She’s now actually taking on some of the accounts work and is currently doing an AAT accounts level 2 course, so she can support the the Financial Director, so that he can concentrate on the commercial department. And as for that Loan, we were so happy that she had completed the course of her own back, we paid the loan off, it was the least we could do.

The final Value example is ‘think like a customer’, which is the mantra that we've always lived by at ATG. If the customer phones up and has a problem and the staff member is looking for the answer, then we’d say, ‘Put yourself in the customer's shoes. What would you want to happen? That's the answer’. There would never be a problem at ATG for anything you do if that's how you've approached what ever issue you come across - ‘think like a customer’.

A real-life example was an employee who found out a user's schedule for the day so that maintenance could be carried out while the customer was in meetings. We got a Customer satisfaction (CSAT) feedback comment saying:


“You worked on my PC while I was out at a meeting to prevent any further disruptions, which is most appreciated. Thank you.”

We’re currently running at 99.2% CSAT on nearly 8,000 tickets and get an 86.2 response rate from all of our tickets because all my engineers work to this value.

When you do this exercise yourself, you want to get as many examples as physically possible. People want to hear about where you have seen the values that you have discovered at work in your company. If you can, try to get them across the whole workforce. l had one telesales person who, unfortunately, didn’t fit our company values or have one example about him at all. The first thing he did when he came out of the meeting was to say: “Why were there none about me?”

Another staff member was embarrassed because there were a couple of values based on her, and she was called on during the meeting. Afterwards though, she was beaming like a Cheshire cat, which was great to see and well deserved.

Be aware that when you apply these values you might have some staff changes. When we went through the process, we had a staff member leave, and had to let another one go. One was an employee who’d been with us for 12 years. It was hard at the time, but it was ultimately the right decision.


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