How I changed series part 4: Now where have you seen your values in action?

The next stage is about working out where you’ve seen the staff on your list playing out the values you’ve identified in real life. Over the next two posts I will offer some examples from ATG to give you some ideas.


The next bit is quite hard because you must come up with where you’ve seen your newly defined company values in action.

For me, I had to identify where I’d seen any of my staff members think like a customer, and write that down. The same was done by all the other managers because we had chosen these particular guys and girls to model our values on, so now we needed to support those choices with evidence.

We needed something we could describe, something they had done on a particular day like gone above and beyond to help a customer out and so on. We had to come up with supporting examples, as that's where the power lies for your company Values.

The values aren’t just something created by the boss and stuck up on a wall. The values are the living, beating heart of your business, You’ve come up with the values.

An example from ATG is what we call ‘good to work with’, or to sum it up – they’re not a knob! Most people laugh at this saying but everyone knows what one is, and it’s not someone we want to employee at ATG. It’s more than being a team player and it’s about surrounding yourself with good people to improve yourself.

One way this was demonstrated was through a situation where there was a tricky problem for a new client. A solution was designed together, with the leadership, tech and sales consultancy teams working together to win the deal. In that situation, all my tech people worked together with the sales, marketing and other teams to design a solution and they actually spoke to each other for the benefit of the client.

Next is the positive attitude value, the question is about ‘How can we make this work’, rather than, ‘This will never work’. This was demonstrated by one of my engineers, who was heard shouting on a Friday night: “It’s five to five! I’ve got two tickets to go – come on!


I thought, ‘Wow!’ One of my employees will bust their gut and say that when the boss and the technical director aren’t even there. The engineer in question is a funny guy and sings all day, but he’s also a great engineer. Who wouldn’t want a man like that on their team that had that attitude, rather than saying, ‘It’s five to five. Let’s go’ and goes home? He wanted to get those tickets done and took pride in doing so.

In the next post, I’ll share some more examples of ATG’s values being applied in the workplace to help you find your own.

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