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Make more money and in less time, Spoiler: Can't be done….

OK, I have now put my big boy pants on to share my talk and message with the world. After being a business owner for 30 years and struggling with the daily issues and challenges that brings, I recently started speaking at industry events, Ultimately my confidence grew into a talk I did on Vulnerability at last week. Hopefully you think it’s as good as my audience did

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'Why being real is more important than being right.'

I have just come back from Hay’s in Kansas where i was speaking about the importance of living a business’s core values to over 300 people at last weeks Tech-Edge event in Salina. Today i was just getting over my jetlag, when this afternoon I had some great news that an article that I had written a few months ago for Channel Executive Magazine, had been published.

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I was recently Interviewed on ‘How ATG-IT defined it company values and continues to live by them’

Core values for ATG-IT are the guiding beliefs of its employees and organisation. Once you have defined your company’s core values, you can refer to them to guide every decision your company makes on a day to day basis. This makes you check that the decision you are about to make is in line with your company’s core values.

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