Why can people be so ignorant.

I recently asked a question to Bob Burg, the author of The GoGiver, one of the best business books ever.

Richard Tubb was interviewing Bob for his podcast series.


The question I asked was based around, what to do when you give a book to someone or do something for them out of the blue, as a surprise and they don't say, thank you or even acknowledge what you have done. What do you do? Only It's happened to me several times and I personally have found it really ignorant of them, which in turn makes me question why I bother.

Even though we all know we are all different, we still think other people are just like us, unfortunately, they aren’t. Just because you would love to receive a book out of the blue, doesn’t mean they would. Bob explains the reasoning behind this brilliantly.

Watch the Interview with Bob Burg below.

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