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How I changed series part 6: Now you found your values you have to live them...

The next step I had to take was an introspective one. As a boss I had to look at myself and make sure I was living the company values. I had to lead by example.

The boss has got to live the values you come up with, which I know can be hard – in the past, it would have been impossible for me. Understand that these aren’t the boss’s Values, they are the companies Values. They are not aspirations they are the values that you are going to 100% live by, as everyone does.

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How I changed series part 5: Examples of your Values in action...

When it comes to someone who wants the best for themselves, the best example I have is of a girl who came into my business as the admin assistant. When we did the door-drawing exercise she was the only one who didn’t add a door handle, or ,in fact, anything else. She waited till I was going through the exercise and then said, “I haven’t drawn anything else as I was going to ask you what you wanted the door to look like.’

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