How we help

Through my 30 years of experience, as well as being on the Exec of Network Group, CompTIA and on various vendor partner advisory councils, I get asked my many MSP’s if we can help and advise them on what to do. With this in mind I have put a number of areas that we are often asked to help in below, so you can get an idea of the areas that we can help small business in.

If you would like to discuss any of the areas below in more detail please get in-touch.


Public Speaking

If you are looking for a public speaker to run a session to business owners, who has been there, got the T-shirt and the scars, then I have been told I take a refreshingly honest approach to my public speaking, where I to talk very openly about running a small business over the last 30 years. I look back at how my leadership skills have developed from virtually nothing when I employed my 1st employee and were working, or more so firefighting 70+ hours a week, to where I am now with a fully functioning management team working 26 hours a week. I cover the good, the bad and the very ugly of my experience gained from actually being a small business owner in this modern world from depression to vulnerability to happiness.


How to define your business core values

Being so close to your business can make it difficult to define your own business core values. We can support you to discover your personal business core values and then help you understand how to use them in your business.


A day with the Team at ATG-IT

We have been running a managed service provider ATG-IT for over 30 years, we consistently run all areas of our business at above best in class levels. If you would like help and advice with running a successful MSP, areas that we can cover is Finance, Technical, Sales or Marketing.

A day with our ATG-IT Technical Director

If you are an MSP already and need help getting to the next level, spend a day with ATG-IT’s operations director, to see how we run consistently at above best in class levels.

A day with our ATG-IT Finance Director

If you are an MSP already and need help breaking through to the next level, spend a day with ATG-IT’s Finance Director, to see how we run consistently at above best in class levels and can help you succeed with reporting, metrics, client profitability, key performance indicators and big data.

Spend a day with our ATG-IT Owner

After running a successful IT services provider since 1989, if you are finding it hard to break through that next barrier, if you have issues with people, life balance, profitability or you’ve just had enough and are not enjoying the company you once loved.


Introduction to Traction EOS

Just reading the 5 Traction series of books doesn’t necessarily mean you can jump right in with running your business, we can make sure you understand the fundamentals of Traction before you decide to adopt Traction methodology in to your business.

Traction facilitation

My company ATG-IT managed a full 6 months of self-facilitation of Traction before we started to slow down with Tractions effectiveness, we solved this by bringing onboard a Traction Facilitator to help us work through any issues, we now have a team of Traction Facilitators that can help you get the most out of running Traction in your business.