Tie Doepel

I’ve been privileged to see the evolution of a powerful presenter, with a message that resonates with small businesses, whatever the sector. Mark first spoke at a Network Group event in 2017 – the infamous “Crisp Packet” presentation. It went down so well and sparked such a torrent of interest that we had to implement a whole series of knowledge exchange sessions, based on the “Traction” series by Gino Wickman. Mark continues to work with our Members on identifying, implementing and living their Core Values, with great effect.

Each time Mark presents to the group he leaves an impression. He shares his passion and vulnerability in equal measure and is honest about the pain points in his journey as well as the highlights and successes. His “Bosses need to get out of the way and let your staff do the job you have employed them to do” talk still influences the decisions I make and the way I interact with my peers and colleagues today.

If you are a small business owner with ambitions to grow, half an hour with Mark will light a fire under you!

Mark matthews