Mark Dunscombe - MJD Systems

I attended a presentation at the Network Group Focus Event last week by Mark on Implementing Business Core Values. It's one of several presentations when I have experienced Mark presenting on his experience and business philosophy. I found the presentation focused, interesting and above all relevant to my business. Mark's presentations and advice over several months have helped me develop and improve the effectiveness of the management within my business, this in turn results in a happier workforce and improved productivity. Mark is one of those rare presenters who doesn't preach to the audience and genuinely wants to help his audience improve their management and reap the rewards, everything he talks of is based on his own practical experience when implementing changes to his business. I thought it would be difficult to improve on the management of my business then I met Mark. I would highly recommend attending one of his presentations, I guarantee at the end you'll be asking, "when is the next one?" If you have to choose between presentations then this should be the one you choose over others!

Mark matthews